Streaming Audio - Radio Station - Podcast

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  • Radio Streaming Shoutcast

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    • Create and broadcast your radio station to any device worldwide

      Streaming your radio station to the world with simple integration to your website

      Up to 20GB Disk space for Auto DJ Manager

      Up to 320kbps for HD Audio

      Up to 10,000 Concurrent Listening per Hour (How many connections at the same time)

      Free Custom HTML5 Player to install in your website

      Free Shoutcast radio directory listing to get more listeners
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  • Multiple streaming platform
  • Compatible With Any Encoder
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Shoutcast 2.6+ (Including V1 Legacy)
  • Shoutcast Directory
  • Icecast 2
  • Icecast 2 KH
  • Wowza - Stream in .m3u8 files
  • SSL Support, Play in https Secure Pages
  • Automation System (Auto DJ)

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